Get To Know Grace & Follow Her Transformation with AKT!

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Meet Grace!

Grace is a product manager at Gilt City and all-around food enthusiast who lives in New York City. She loves fine dining as well as fitness, and is currently working to transform her body for her July 2013 wedding in Chicago. In her spare time, she writes about her life adventures on her blog, Grace has been working with AKT since October 2012 to change her body through personalized workouts and food journal updates. She chronicles her journey through journal entries & blog posts like the one below:

“Losing weight has been an uphill battle. At my last weigh-in, I was down 7 pounds (seven!), which seems like it’s a lot, but I still have so much more to lose. My scale is my best friend when I get on it in the morning after a full week of working out – but my worst enemy when I see the number on the scale not correspond to the weight I think I should be at after all the hard work I’ve done throughout the week. I continue to work hard because I know that I can do it and I’m already pretty happy with the results of more toned legs and arms, but I know that I have to continue to push myself to get the results I want for my wedding day.

 On a brighter note, I tried some different workouts this week that were all really interesting.  On Monday, I did the AKT treadmill workout at the gym (my fiance has given me practically every guest pass he has and the only reason the gym continues to let me in is because they are holding out for the hope that I will join). The treadmill workout and the legs workout Anna gave me are both Godsends – I can do them on off days when I don’t have class or when I’m traveling. I don’t even need a gym for the leg workout! On Tuesday, I was back in Tribeca pushing myself in Anna’s class, Wednesday I tried a new workout with my friend (an AKTinMotion enthusiast who has tried almost every workout in the city!), Thursday was another tough class with Anna, and Friday I tried an Exhale Spa cardio class which consisted of planks, squats, and other exercises that made me regret signing up for the hour-long class on a rainy Friday night when I could’ve been reading in bed.

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A great thing about this transformation program that I’m doing is that I’ve become a person that goes to the gym has a routine that involves going to the gym. Before, I used to be the person that never wanted to go to the gym and if I did end up there, I wouldn’t really break into a sweat because I would give up before getting dirty. Now, even when I go to the gym to do an AKT treadmill workout, I make sure I am a sweaty mess by the end of my workout because I push myself to try harder and to finish the treadmill workout before I let myself stretch. It’s amazing how much better my stamina has gotten ever since starting the program. ” -by Grace  on January 14, 2013

One thought on “Get To Know Grace & Follow Her Transformation with AKT!

  1. Grace – I’m so proud of the progress you’ve made so far and your great attitude along the way. Thank you for inspiring me to eat healthier and attack my workouts with more intensity! I am so excited to see you on our wedding day!

    Anna – thank you for your program and dedication to helping Grace become a healthier person.

    -Ken (the future Mr. Grace)

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