AKT’s Man Camp is BACK!

009 (3)-001AKT is excited to announce that the ever-popular MAN CAMP series has been scheduled for February! Classes will be held every Saturday morning from 10:30-11:30am at the Ripley Grier studio located on 939 8th Avenue in studio 2A and sessions will be led by our amazing trainer, Adam Sanford.

This boot camp series will follow Anna’s Kaiser’s model of creating lasting changes in your body and health through fun, innovative and sustainable movement.  These workouts are created to improve your fitness level and connect your body by eliminating fat and building endurance. Cross train effectively to create a lean, mean man- machine using a combination of cardio/strength intervals, circuit training, and flexibility to challenge and improve your total body. Your stamina will be put to the test and you’ll walk away feeling like a better man!

Interested participants can email info@aktinmotion.com for more information or head over to our MindBody site to purchase individual classes at $35 each (MAN CAMP DROP IN) or the 4-class series as a whole for $125 (MAN CAMP ELITE SQUAD).  See you there and get ready to GET PUMPED!

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