Checking In With Grace: Can You Eat Healthy In a Group?

“A couple weekends ago, Ken and I went to Colorado for a ski event with his company. It was a super fun trip and it made me realize that it is possible to be healthy and to eat with others. Here are some tips:

–          When we went to the Superbowl viewing party, the place was filled with wings, pizzas, burgers, chili, and other deliciously unhealthy snacks. To avoid temptation, I ate a protein bar BEFORE going to the game, drank a lot of water, and stuck with the freshly cut carrots and celery.

–          If you’re going to a pre-fixe dinner with only unhealthy options, ask the waiter if they have anything else available. We went to a dinner where Caesar salad was being served for the first course and I opted to get the arugula salad instead (something that wasn’t on the menu but they had arugula lying around in their kitchen). Caesar dressing makes the salad pretty unhealthy and I don’t want to derail my progress!

–          If you do end up eating unhealthily, remember that you’re human and there’s always tomorrow. Even Anna believes in a cheat day, so you shouldn’t deprive yourself of something you really want. I’ve noticed that as soon as I tell myself I can’t have something, I want it even more (especially sugary candy, chips, fries, etc).

headshot for blog
Meet Grace!

The trip was so much fun – we woke up, skied, ate healthy and hearty lunches, went back to the slopes for the afternoon, and had really fun dinners and activities with Ken’s coworkers. I was actually looking forward to being measured by Anna when I get back to New York because I know I was really healthy the entire trip and that the results I’ve been seeing so far are only going to get better.” – by Grace 2/11/13

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