Meet Catie and Follow Her Transformation with AKT!

Meet Catie!

Catie is a Residence Director at a liberal arts college in New York City. Her favorite part of living in New York City is having access to all the different fitness opportunities that some can only read about in national health and fitness magazines. As someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, Catie is hoping that with working with AKT with both fitness and food journal will assist her to find the right balance to achieve a healthy weight in the recommended range for her height.

“My entire life my weight has been something that has been a struggle for me.  Despite regular exercise and a routinely healthy diet, I have always been overweight. After taking a AKT Inmotion class and talking to Anna about my frustrations, I was thrilled when she offered to take me on as a client!

An upper respiratory infection delayed my start with AKT Inmotion, but I have finally been able to complete my first week of classes. The classes certainly challenge me!  My heart rate is up for the entire hour, and by the end my face is beat red and I’m drenched in sweat.  Since I have two left feet, I may not always catch on to the fancy footwork and may move left when I hear and see Anna say right during the first or even second class, but by the third class I was starting to get the hang of the routine and feeling more confident! My endurance is picking up and I could definitely feel my whole body getting a workout during class.

Fortunately, for me the food journaling isn’t something new and since I did eat generally healthy foods on a regular basis, I haven’t had to change it up too much…yet!  Anna did suggest adding a snack between breakfast and lunch, which I find strange that by doing so I’m so much more hungrier for lunch than before when I hadn’t had a snack!

As this is just week one, and I’m already starting to notice subtle changes, I’m anxious to see what the long term changes will be in a few weeks and months from now!”-  by Catie March 17, 2013

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