Anna’s Travel Tips To Keep You Fit!

“To all my FAB  jet setters!

We all want (make that NEED) to get out of the cold and catch some golden rays during the never-ending winter season.  But how do we let ourselves getaway without letting our results slip away? During my recent travels I’ve found some secrets to staying slim on-the-go that I’d love to share:

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1. ALL SYSTEMS GO! Drink LOTS of water.  Seriously.  This seems so simple, and we always forget the true importance of hydration.  It will help regulate all your systems and help get you back on track faster!  Sugar/salt cravings, exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramping, and irregular sleep patterns are side-effects of dehydration!

Trick:  Try drinking 6 bottles of water a day.  Just keep one with you at all times and count down. Reward yourself at the end of the week (a massage?!)  if you meet your daily H2O goals!

2TAKE OFF! Keep yourself moving!  I know your initial reaction is to hit the hammock with a sugary drink and soak in the rays (and I don’t blame you).  But after your initial indulgence, find ways to keep yourself active EVERY DAY.

Trick: Whether it’s exploring a new city, scuba-diving, paddle boarding, biking, skiing, or 45min on that resort treadmill… DO IT!  It’ll keep your endorphins alive on vacay and your waist trim.  Your family will thank you.

3.  FOOD CART!  Be smart about the cart. RED ALERT.  Food does not have fewer calories because you are on vacation. Try one of my favorite tricks:  Have it ALL!  Let yourself indulge.  But KEEP YOUR PORTIONS SMALL.

Trick:  Try having five 300-calorie meals a day.  It doesn’t matter what they are!  Just keep them small and spaced out.  Let yourself indulge without encouraging the bulge.

4.  MOVIE!  Keep motivating exercise tricks with you to help keep you on track!

Trick:  Make sure to email for your AKT Travel Vids before you leave to make sure they’re downloaded and ready to go!  Need playlist ideas? Let us know and we’ll get you hooked up with some motivating tunes.

5.  LANDING! Sleep is key.  And sometimes easier when you leave the city.  Take advantage and try to catch up on 7-8hrs p/night.  This will also help even out your cravings and normalize your sarcanian rhythms.

Trick:  Try to stay awake all day, exercise, and not indulge in naps. Also, eating at least 2 hrs before you sleep is key (eating before bed will keep you awake).  Oatmeal w/milk is a fantastic sleep aid! The milk’s protein helps you metabolize the oatmeal’s carbs, which raises seratonin, a hormone that promotes sleep (90min before bed).”- Anna Kaiser

2 thoughts on “Anna’s Travel Tips To Keep You Fit!

  1. I have the 10 minute ab workout downloaded but I was wondering if you have any other workouts that I can download.

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