Moms To Be: Check Out “Expecting More” Created by Anna Kaiser

expecting_more_1May is Pregnancy Awareness Month!  And we have the perfect solution for all new moms and mommies-to-be to get you ready for the summer.  Grab your copy of “Expecting More” the Complete Pregnancy System (see below) to get everything you need to stay on track during your pregnancy!  And… THERE’S MORE!  If you want instant access, download individual workouts here.

“Expecting More is a unique workout program designed for the expecting mom who was fit and healthy prior to her pregnancy and is looking to stay active, motivated, and energized. This two-DVD set features six different workouts, 230 minutes of exercises, and a calendar to guide you through all three trimesters. Expecting More offers what no other prenatal exercise DVD has before – variety, inspiration, and workouts for all fitness levels. Join Sara Haley as she stays fit during her own pregnancy and leads you through a series of cardio sequences, sports drills, weight training, dynamic stretching, hip-hop routines, and more!”  This dvd series is available for purchase through

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