Studies Show Dance Training Improves Sports Performance!

An article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine documented the results of cross-country skiers who used dance training pre-season compared to those who did not. The object of the study was “To evaluate the effect of pre-season dance training on back pain, joint mobility, and muscle flexibility, and on speed and agility in elite cross-country skiers.”

Swedish skiers were observed over a 3 month period in a controlled study and were asked to participate in various exercises that  included “different types of dancing such as ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, and character dance, the aim being to improve balance, coordination, muscle flexibility, and agility.”

After the study concluded, the authors found that “preseason dance training improved the range of hip motion and joint mobility and the flexibility of the spine. These improvements might explain the reduction in ski related back pain in the intervention group.” You can view the whole article by clicking here.

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