Catching Up With Catie: To Rest or Not To Rest?

Meet Catie!

“Taking a rest day is not easy for me.  I know that my body does need days to rest and recuperate, but I always feel like taking a rest day is taking a step backwards.  For the most part since I have started, Fridays and Sundays have been my rest days; simply, because that’s what my schedule dictated.

Now that my work schedule is changing to summer hours, I am able to take classes on Friday which gives me the opportunity to have two back to back rest days if I choose.  This past week I took class everyday Monday-Friday and had Saturday and Sunday as my rest days.  It seemed like a lot more time than that since my class on Friday was 7 AM and I didn’t have a class until Monday 7 PM.

Returning to class tonight, I found I was much stronger at the arm sequence we started last week!  It was still challenging, but I found I was able to do more of each exercise with a wider range.  I guess the two days of rest did prove to serve me well!”  by Catie Solan

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