AKT Nutritive Program


Not only is Lauren Sambataro an AKT Trainer, but she is also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.  Lauren is our in house Nutritionist at AKT and the head of our Nutritive Program.

Lauren wholly believes in biochemical and chemical individuality, and the importance of making a life-long commitment to health and wellness.  As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Lauren takes a functional and holistic approach to building health from the ground up.  Her nutrition program is based upon Metabolic Typing, optimizing your diet and health through optimal food selection, macronutrient ratios for your specific metabolic type, and effective Pre/Post-Workout nutrition choices.  Every BODY is different , the key is finding what makes you unique.

To set up an appointment with Lauren or to find out more abut our Nutritive Program, email us at: info@aktinmotion.com

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