Sofia Vergara’s Trainer Shares How to Get A Better Orgasm in 3 Minutes.

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Happy Friday to us! If you’ve had a busy, crazed week (and let’s be real, who hasn’t?), there’s no better way to de-stress than with a screaming orgasm—and we’re not talking about the drink.

Thanks to Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer to stars like Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker, your bedroom is about to get a lot more action. “Exercise is about connecting to your body, which is really important when you are having sex,” says Kaiser. “You should be connected to what’s going on with your body both physically and emotionally because that will heighten the whole experience.”

So before you jump in for a little sexy time, make sure you know how to activate your pelvic floor—those are the magic muscles that help you achieve the big O. “Your pelvic floor is a part of your core, and when the two are working in conjunction you can deepen the orgasm because you’re not working just one part of the core, you’re working the whole thing,” says Kaiser.

Try sitting on a stability ball or chair, and focus on squeezing together the muscles that you use when you’re trying to hold in urine. If you’re having trouble visualizing, Kaiser recommends pretending that your pelvic floor is a napkin that you pick up at the center and raise up off the ground. Lifting it up is the contraction of your pelvic floor, and letting it drop back down is the release.

Focusing on these muscles isn’t reserved for gym time, either. You can do them anywhere. “No one should know that you’re doing this, that’s the best part,” says Kaiser. “You can do this at work. You can do this at dinner with your in-laws.” Well, then. OK.

Now that you’ve got that down pat, do these three moves for one minute each right before you get busy to really rev your pleasure:

Reach Through. Lie on your back with knees raised 90 degrees and hands on forehead. Pull your belly button to your spine and lift your chest up off the ground, opening your legs as you reach your arms through. Slowly lower back to starting position to complete one rep.

Thigh Dance. Start in an upright position with your knees on the ground, shoulders over your hips. Slowly lean back as you squeeze your glutes and abs. Raise your arms up and sit all the way down so your butt touches your heels. Quickly lift back up, leading with your hips and bringing your arms back down to your sides.

Pelvic Tilt. Start in a plank position with shoulders aligned over your wrists, thighs engaged and butt tight. Slowly tuck your butt under, tilting your pelvis up. Return to start.

And if these moves aren’t quite your schtick, pick an abs move you love—research shows they’re more likely to trigger orgasms. While you do it, just be sure to focus on pulling up that pelvic floor, says Kaiser. Try to do exercises “that aren’t so fast, so you can focus on contracting those muscles,” she says. “You want to experiment, just like you would with anything else sexual, and find where you can engage it best.”

Now, one last thing to blow your O out of the water: Remember to work that pelvic floor during sex. “If you can engage it, kind of like doing a Kegel, while you’re having sex…it’s going to be so awesome,” Kaiser says.

Consider that one rep toward an O-mazingly good time. Watch the full demo of all of Kaiser’s moves here:

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