AKTransform Spring 2015. Week 4

Heather after taking a Happy Hour class.

Week 4 is almost a wrap. I truly can’t believe how fast the weeks are going and how I am nearing the end of the 1st half of this Transformation program.

For me, Week 4 was like having 2 minutes left on the game clock before half-time, where you are digging deep to put yourself in the best position possible before time is called and you head to the locker room. I was a little slow-out-of-the-gate to start, so my mission was to make Week 4 a great one! It was time to go a little bit harder and strive for more ……. more classes, more sweat and even a little more soreness. I endeavored to give everything I could in each of my AKT workouts, focusing on executing the movements with purpose and (of course) good form.

My workout schedule


Monday: 6:30pm Private Session w/ my Concierge Trainer, Sarah (What a beast that tiny beauty is!)
Wednesday: 7:30 pm Happy Hour (w/ Jonathan)
Thursday: 7:00 am Happy Hour (w/ Sarah)
Friday: 6:00am S(wet) Dream (w/ Alyssa)
Saturday: 12:30pm Happy Hour (w/ Samantha)
Sunday: If I can’t make it to a class, I’m going to give the AKT videos a try

I am pleased because this is the first week I am meeting the AKT recommendation of 5+ classes for the week. (Yay me!)

At this point, I am pretty sore but, I feel my body becoming more capable and I no longer question my ability to endure the entirety of a class. I still have to work very hard to do so, and I struggle plenty, but I now feel like “I can do this.” I am ready to build upon the work of the weeks behind me and determined to get to “half-time” in a really good position for making the most out of the 2nd half my Transformation journey.

I am just thrilled that I decided to participate in the Transformation program and I feel really good about how committed I have been to it (and to ME!) so far.

Here’s looking forward to a big score in the second half.

Food Journal

On Sunday

I cooked up a few meals to have on hand for the week. I made:

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.19.10 PM


· Egg Frittata Muffins w/ spinach, mushrooms, turkey sausage

· Zucchini linguini w/ mushrooms and homemade pesto sauce

· Turkey meatballs

· Mini white bean burgers (I got this recipe off the AKT blog except I used white beans instead of black beans, since black beans are a no-no for me according to the Blood Type Diet)
I don’t get bored repeatedly eating the same thing when it is something I enjoy and it is much easier for me to follow the nutritive guidelines given to me, if I prepare meals in advance.



Breakfast: (7am) Green smoothie (spinach, grapes, almond milk and ice)
(10am) 2 frittata muffins
Coffee with Stevia

Lunch: Zucchini linguini with mushrooms and pesto sauce and mini white bean burger

Snack: ½ apple and ½ pear

(Workout: AKT Private Training Session with Sarah)

Dinner: Zucchini linguini with mushrooms and pesto sauce and mini white bean burger

Snack: 5 Mary’s Gone Crackers with almond butter




Breakfast: 2 Frittata Muffins
Coffee with Stevia and 2 tsp. Coffee Mate (I know I shouldn’t be having this, but I just can’t quit it yet. However, I am definitely using it less than I did before!)

Lunch: 2 turkey meatballs w/ side raw spinach salad (no dressing)

Snack: 8 frozen grapes

Dinner: [Out/Restaurant] 12 pistachios nuts, 2 grilled shrimp, grilled bronzino with roasted carrots. (I did not have any bread or any booze — this is a small miracle!)




Breakfast: (Pre-workout: Strength training w/ my PT) Coffee with Stevia
(Post-workout) 2 frittata muffins

Lunch: Zucchini linguini and mini white bean burger

Snack: Brad’s Raw Chips (1 handful)

Dinner: (Pre-workout: AKT Happy Hour at 7:30pm) 1 slice Ezekiel bread with almond butter

Snack: (Post-Workout) Protein Shake




Breakfast: (Pre-workout) Coffee w/ Stevia
(Post-workout) 2 frittata muffins and 1 mini white bean burger

Snack: Almonds (100 calorie pack)

Lunch: Spinach salad with carrots, pear, turkey and vinaigrette.
5 Mary’s gone crackers

Dinner: [Out/Restaurant] 2 grilled shrimp, ½ slice of tomato with fresh mozzarella,
Arugula salad with grilled calamari
1 forkful/taste of Crepe filled with Dulce de Leche
[No bread or booze again!!!]

Snack: ½ slice of Ezekiel bread with almond butter




Breakfast: (Pre-workout) Coffee with Stevia and 2 tsp. Coffee Mate
(Post-workout) 2 Frittata Muffins and ½ slice Ezekiel bread with almond butter

Snack: ½ pear

Lunch: Sautéed kale, tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, brussel sprouts and quinoa

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