AKTransform Spring 2015. Week 5


Right from its start, week 5 was great. I had a blast at the AKT Jam Monday evening. It was literally a dance party! Honestly, sometimes it is hard to believe that this is legitimate working out. Of course, I know it is….. my legs and butt remind me all the time. I especially enjoyed the JAM because I got to take the class with quite a few of the ladies from the Transformation program. I have to say, it’s been really great getting to know my fellow Transformers. Par for the course in the AKT community…..everyone in this Transformation program is very supportive of one another and really easy to bond with. We each may have our own individual goals, but we are all on the Transformation journey together and it is a huge help for me to have such great teammates.

Another highpoint of week 5, was getting to meet with Anna and learn about the fundamentals of AKT. She presented us with very easy to understand explanations regarding the strategic arrangement of the AKT classes and went through the proper form for all of the basic moves. I love learning about the why, the what and the how, so getting an understanding of why certain moves are selected and what the body should be doing to execute them, really resonates with me. It was a great education and I feel like it will help me do what I’m being asked to do in class even better now.

Toward the end of week 5, I had another personal training session with Sarah. The private sessions are such a bonus! It provides you with an hour of individualized attention and an opportunity for your trainer to hone in on your personal needs. (My need is apparently to draw my belly button to my spine! I heard that a lot!) Sarah’s spunk and energy are completely infectious. You just can’t help but want to jump on that enthusiasm train of hers. The session was awesome; the perfect combination or hard work, sweat, fun and learning to work this body a little bit better.

And so, with the new insight I got from Anna on how to navigate the movements in the classes, the extra practice I got with Sarah and, of course, the unwavering support I am feeling from everyone at AKT, I now feel more prepared to tackle another week. Looking forward to week 6!

Food Journal



Breakfast: Coffee
Mason Jar Oatmeal

Lunch: Shrimp/veggie stir fry

Snack: Coffee w/ almond milk

Snack: mixed nuts and seeds with dried cranberries

Dinner: 2 mini white bean burgers and 5 Mary’s Gone Crackers with 1 TBSP hummus



Breakfast: Blueberries and raspberries
2 small frittata muffins

Snack: Coffee with Almond milk

Lunch: I slice of 7 grain bread with turkey, muenster chees, lettuce, apple slices

Dinner: Shrimp stir fry with 2 TBSP quinoa
7 Mary’s Gone Crackers with hummus

Snack: chocolate zucchini muffin (Safia’s recipe)



Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Shrimp stir fry with 2 TBSP quinoa

Snack: trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried cranberries)

Dinner: [OUT/restaurant]
Rock shrimp with spicy sauce
1 slice burrata
Grilled octopus with mixed greens, celery, tomato and diced potato
1 tequila cocktail with muddled lemon, lime and club soda



Breakfast: Frittata muffins
Coffee with coffee mate

Lunch: [Out/Restaurant]
Sautéed Calamari with Thai chili sauce
Filet of sole broiled with lemon and capers

Dinner: Beef, broccoli, water chestnuts

Snack: 1 cup Chex Rice Cereal
10 frozen grapes



Breakfast: blueberries and raspberries
2 frittata muffins

Lunch: Mixed greens with shrimp, mushroom, artichoke hearts, lemon herb vinaigrette
Coffee with almond milk

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