AKTransform Spring 2015. Week 6

Week 6 was another busy week. I took S(wet) Dream, 4 Play, and Happy Hour classes (one of which was led by Anna, which was so AWESOME). I also participated in a group Nutrition Meeting with Safia, and had another Private Training session with Sarah.


This was not the first time I took the non-dance classes offered at AKT — 4Play and S(wet) Dreams — but it was the first time I took them both in the same week. They are both high intensity, circuit training classes. As someone who does not have a dance background but fell in love with AKT because of the dance cardio…..I was a little surprised at how much I loved taking both 4Play and S(wet) Dreams. I find the 4Play class to be very intense (but also, pretty bad-ass). Here’s the thing about 4Play…… it’s like a little bit of torture, but oh so good for getting you to….you know…..reach your goals. (Fitness goals, of course!) There’s no question that both 4Play and S(wet) Dreams are structured to provide a full body, head to toe attack. And, even without the dance party component, the classes go by quickly. The circuits transition often so you don’t feel like you’re doing any one particular move to the point where it’s too repetitive or tiring. At the completion of these classes, I feel a real sense of accomplishment.

If I said that the Happy Hour class taps into my inner (want-to-be) dancing queen, then I’d say that 4Play taps into my inner (want-to-be) professional athlete. S(wet) Dreams is the middle ground between the two. There’s a class for whatever role play you’re in the mood for. AKT really does offer it all.

AKTransform Questionnaire.

1.  Tell us about your eating habits. What did you eat before the transformation program and now? Do you notice any difference in your diet?

Before the transformation program, I was a non-dieter. The only real eating habit I had was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Thankfully, most of the food I enjoyed was not so terrible as I do like to eat real food. But, my daily diet was structure free and I often ate whatever was convenient.

There are so many differences between my  Transformation diet and my pre-Transformation diet! Some of the major differences are:

·         I now eat breakfast everyday.

·         I make sure to incorporate some form of protein into my breakfast.

·         I eat something within 45 minutes of my workout.

·         I try to have vegetables with as many meals as possible.

·         I now home cook most of my week’s worth of food on Sunday so that I am prepared for the week. Doing this saves me the worry of trying to figure out what to eat throughout the day and prevents me from making bad choices. My pre-made meals and snacks make it easy for me to eat stress free at home and on the go.

2. How was your workout schedule before the transformation program? How many classes do you take now? Do you notice any difference in the way you feel?

Prior to my participation in the Spring Transformation Program, I wasn’t taking any classes. I had a 4-months break. Before that break, I was taking approximately 3-4 classes a week at AKT, but I had only been an AKT client around 6 weeks. For nearly two years prior to finding AKT, I had no formal exercise regime. I can honestly say that I wasn’t doing much exercise at all, besides some occasional golf, tennis and snowboarding.  Now, I am taking 5-6 classes a week and I absolutely notice a difference in how I feel. I have more energy. I am getting stronger. My body is changing. I feel like a new person.

3. Measurements… We know you did your measurements last week. Are there any changes? Do you  feel any difference in the way your clothes fit?

I was re-measured/weighed during week 5. I weighed 4 pounds less and my measurements were down a total of 6.2 inches. I definitely feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. Everything feels more comfortable and just fits better! I don’t do as much camouflage dressing as I used to (you know, where you strategically wear clothes to cover up areas that don’t look so nice). Recently, I wore a suit to work that I haven’t been able to wear for two years. This is an amazing feeling  and it makes me excited about what else I will be able to wear in the future.

4. Have the Transformation Newsletters been helpful? What have you learned?

I LOVE the Transformation Newsletters. I get so excited on Monday knowing that the next Newsletter is coming. They are like a beginning of the week pep talk. Each Newsletter provides a few points of focus for the week which help to more easily navigate through another 7 days. Every week I learn something new from the Newsletter, whether it be about nutrition, fitness, or health in general. I especially like the recipe ideas they include as well as the tips for  taking care of yourself. To top all of that off, each Newsletter gets delivered via an enthusiastic and encouraging email which feels like you’re receiving a dose of high fives and chest bumps for the week.

5.  It’s week 6 and only 2 weeks left… What’s your progress like?

I think my progress has been substantial. I’d say my progression has continued on a positive incline from the beginning. The incline may not have always been steep, but I feel like it was always moving forward. I’m striving for these last two weeks to continue on the same upward trajectory. I am really interested to see, by the end of the eight weeks, how far I’ve come.  But, what I’m even more excited for now, is where I’ll be at the 3 month, 6 month and 12 month marks. I have tried to stay “in the moment” and take this journey one day at a time. At the outset, a 56-day commitment felt almost insurmountable; however, now that I am approximately 40 days in, the commitment (even beyond the 56 days) isn’t scary, it’s actually exciting.

6. How do you plan to stay fit after the transformation program is over?

My participation in the Transformation Program may technically be over at the end of 8 weeks, but I intend to keep my mindset in Transformation mode. I plan to continue to follow all of the guidelines and structure that the Transformation program provided. I will renew my membership with AKT, I will endeavor to take 5–6 classes a week and I will adhere to the nutritional guidelines I was given. In sum, I plan to make my Transformation behaviors my new habits.

Food Journal













Breakfast: (pre-workout) Coffee (black)
(post-workout) Frittata muffins with avocado

Lunch: Spinach Salad with chick peas, carrots, celery and turkey

Snack: Almonds

Pre-workout snack: ½ Apple, ½ Pear

Post-workout meal: Protein Shake

Snack: Celery with almond butter



Breakfast: Oatmeal and chia seeds and berries
Green tea

Snack: Carrots

Lunch: Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and broccoli

Pre-workout meal: Frittata muffins

Post-workout snack: Celery with almond butter



Breakfast: Frittata muffin with turkey bacon
Coffee with almond milk

Lunch: Spinach salad with shrimp, carrots, celery and lemon
5 Mary’s Gone Crackers with 1 TBSP Hummus

Pre-workout snack: Frittata muffin

Post-workout meal: Protein Shake

Snack: Celery with hummus













Breakfast: Rolled oats, almond milk, chia seeds
Coffee with Coffeemate

Lunch: Mixed greens, grilled chicken, cauliflower, peas, carrots and crumbled feta with red wine vinegar and olive oil

Dinner: Raw spinach with quinoa, avocado and 2 turkey meatballs

Snack: Chocolate zucchini muffin



Breakfast: Blueberries, raspberries, green grapes
Frittata muffins
Coffee with almond milk

Lunch: [OUT] Arugula salad with grilled mahi mahi, avocado, tomato and vinaigrette

Pre-workout: I slice of Ezekiel Bread with almond butter

Post-workout: Protein shake

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