AKTransform Spring 2015. Week 7

Week 7 started off with a bang! On Monday evening I took a Happy Hour class led by Anna. There’s no question why she is the Master, the Professor, the brains behind this genius recipe. She teaches a powerhouse of a class. Anna is exceptional at minimizing the transitions between the toning and the dancing sections so that all of the class components blend seamlessly with very limited downtime (which, in turn, maximizes the time you are working).


She has an amazing awareness of what everyone in the class is doing and a laser-beam-like focus on the fine details of your form. She offers corrections and instructions and gives clear and constant feedback throughout the entire class. The majority of this she is able to do just by looking at you in the mirror. She coaches and teaches from all angles. Best of all, you can tell that she too is really enjoying herself. This woman loves what she does and she does it well. Very, very well.

I actually adore all of the AKT trainers. They are a spectacular group of talented, fit, awesome individuals. They each have their own style and bring something unique to the table. It is one of the reasons why I love taking classes with a variety of instructors throughout the week. For example, Ariel is always great for dosing me with a push because she knows I have more in me. Jess demonstrates exceptional muscular movement patterns and educates you as she teaches. Jamie’s got “mad swag” and all the moves that I want. Jonathan has got serious dance skills and a overflowing enthusiasm for what he does. Sarah just has a way of making you want to do more and do it better. I could go on all day about all of them……

One thing that I really took appreciation of this week is how I am living by one of the main AKT mottos — “Have faith in your workout.” I have, without question, anteed up, pushed all of my chips to the center of the table and gone “all-in” with AKT. I have done this, not with fear or concern, but rather with comfort and a sense of security. I feel safe in the hands of AKT. The best comfort of all is that I have no worries about this workout giving me a body type that I do not want. All of the AKT trainers and devotees have bodies that are lean, strong and athletic with tight, compact muscular structures. And to that, I say….YES PLEASE!! I have no worries about bulking up or developing a look that doesn’t interest me. AKT creates the workout and all I have to do is to show up and do it. Another point which is driven home by a second popular AKT motto — “Results will show up when you do.” I am definitely experiencing results. I may not have all the results I want by the time the 8 week Transformation program comes to an end, but I have already seen enough that I can unquestionably declare ……this sh*t works!!

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