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If you think Shakira is looking better than ever, hey, you’re not alone!
The star, who welcomed her second son with husband Gerard Piqué in January, got her body back into fighting shape after baby by adopting a diet and fitness routine catered for her by trainer Anna Kaiser, creator of the AKT inMotion method (the program has over 800 minutes of workouts to stream online, if you need inspiration). We got the scoop from Kaiser on how the singer bounced back just eight weeks after giving birth, as well as her favorite workouts and go-to meals. Kaiser, by the way, is also the fitness mastermind behind Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker’s trim figures. (More recently, she’s started working with Emmy Rossum and Sofía Vergara.)
“These workouts are done in one hour and it’s always changing,” Kaiser told E! News. “I wanted to create a workout that changes and you never get bored. You change courses every two weeks, [doing] power hip hop, ballet, etc. You get results in fun and efficient ways.”


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