Day 3: Barcelona with Shakira

What to order in a hotel? Definitely a meal of poached eggs and a side salad (hold the home fries!!) –my good old standby. And Barcelona eggs are deliciously fresh. You can always tell the egg by the yolk. The closer to orange, the better!


(I had to splurge on a cappuccino this morning too. Jet lag is starting to really set in!)

Then off to our 1st workout of the day- dance-based interval training (my Happy Hour format), which included this fun new twist on the single leg squat (try this at home!):

image3 image4

If you want to dance along with us, try the entire Happy Hour workout!

Post workout, I filmed content for my team this week and set up my new iWatch, which I am very excited to try…

If you have one, let me know what you think!

And then it was on to our 2nd workout of the day: Express Strength! Get this workout on our Streaming Membership this coming TUES!! It’s only 15min and REALLY does the trick.

Now I’m off to meet up with my girls for MOVIE NIGHT!! Kiss mark

One thought on “Day 3: Barcelona with Shakira

  1. Love reading about your adventure!! Please let us know how you like you iwatch… I have been thinking about getting one. Can’t wait until Tuesday!! Love Love your workouts!!
    Thank you for working so hard for us!!

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