How Shakira Danced Her Way Back to Her Pre-Baby Body


Less than nine months after giving birth to her second son, Sasha Pique Mebarak, Shakira is looking as toned as ever thanks to six-times-a-week – and sometimes twice-a-day – sessions with her personal trainer, founder of AKTInMotion.

“We do interval training, so it’s a combination of cardio and strength intervals with yoga poses in between,” Kaiser tells PEOPLE. “The cardio is dance-based cardio, so it keeps it fun. Shakira’s a dancer, so it’s fun to be able to get back into your groove and be able to use your spirit and your soul while you’re working out. It also helps with getting comfortable with your body again.”

Kaiser began working with the singer, 38, seven weeks after giving birth, and at first focused on rebuilding her abdominal muscles.

“We needed to start with simple exercises to reconnect her body in a specific way, because training after pregnancy is really different than any other time of your life,” she explains. “Your abdominal wall has been compromised, so you really need to strengthen your core in a very specific way.”

To do this, Kaiser emphasizes the importance of connecting your movements to your breath, and pulling your naval to your spine while doing any ab work.

In addition to the core, Kaiser also focused on strengthening the arms – to be able to lift a baby – and the glutes, which are often underused during pregnancy.

For the arms, Kaiser loves an exercise move she calls the sphinx, which involves coming into a cobra position and bending and straightening your elbows to lower down and back up.

To strengthen glutes, Kaiser has Shakira hold onto the console of a treadmill in a flat-back position, bend one foot towards the ceiling with the foot flexed, and do up-and-down pulses with the raised leg while balancing on the other leg.

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