Meet Sasha Lynn, our October Trainer of the Month!


1) Where are you from?
Vienna, Virginia — a little town right outside of Washington D.C.
2) Education?
I graduated from James Madison High School AND Fairfax Academy of the Arts with a focus in dance (I went to two schools at once!). After high school I moved right up to NYC to kickstart my career and continue my dance training at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center.
3) Why dance?
Dancing is my first and forever love! It has always been the easiest way to express myself and I just simply can’t imagine my life without it. The fact that I’m able to dance and move my body for my “job” has made it felt like I’ve never worked a day in my life!
4) What do you love about AKT the most?
There are so many reasons why I love AKT, but the bottom line for me is the workout is amazing. I’ve never done any other workout that was this challenging and FUN at the same time. After my very first class, I knew I was a part of something special.
5) How to make it through an AKT workout?
Keep moving, pace yourself, let loose, a little smile helps, and just go for it!! Also, drink plenty of water before/during/after so you’re nice and hydrated.
6) Your advice to an AKT Newbie?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, you don’t have to get the steps perfect the first time! Our content lasts for two weeks so you always have time to come back and nail it!!
7) How do you unwind after a busy day?
Ahhh, after a very very busy day I love me some couch, Netflix/Hulu, and Pinterest.
8) How do you spend your days off?
Going on adventures with my husband! We love trying unique restaurants or exploring places we’ve never been before.
9) Favorite jam of the moment?
This week I’m really enjoying: Good Life (ft. Lauriana Mae) by Rock Mafia

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