New Foam Rolling Class at AKT NoMad


Did you see the article in the New York Times about the RolPal? We have them in our studios, and we’re big fans. Anna is such a big fan, in fact, that she created a new fascia release class using the RolPal. The class will launch in our new NoMad studio, which officially opens November 7th. We’ll be celebrating all things #AKTNoMad this Thursday, at our launch party (there might be a few RolPals available for testing out).

For a few more details about the class, see the excerpt below:

This week, Anna Kaiser, whose $475-per-month dance-cardio classes have cheeky names like “Sweat Dream” and “4Play,” will begin using the rollers in a class in her new NoMad studio called “Sexy Mofo Fascia Release.” (The fascia are the connective tissues that surround and separate muscles.) Ms. Kaiser said she thinks the showy props will hook clients. “It’s like: ‘Wow, this looks so cool. What is this?’ ” she said. “It pulls you in.”

Click through to read the full NY Times article.

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