Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, so it’s time to start planning! Our Wellness Coach, Safia, is here with a few tips for keeping up your healthy habits during the holiday:

Turkey day is approaching very fast and whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or visiting someone, you need a strategy to navigate your day in a happy and healthy manner, and totally guilt free! Remember, what really matters and has an impact on your body is what you do all the time not what you do sometimes, so ENJOY your day!!

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

1) Never arrive at a Thanksgiving dinner starving! Make sure to nourish yourself properly throughout the day before heading to dinner. Include a healthy breakfast, a light lunch and a snack.

2) If you can, make time for a workout. If you can’t make it to AKT, try our streaming workouts! Take a walk after dinner to help digestion. Make it fun by inviting other guests for a stroll in the park or in the neighborhood.

3) Try a little bit of everything but keep your portions reasonable. If you have an urge to get a second plate, focus on veggies. Remember to eat slowly and chew your food properly, it usually helps eating less.

4) Treat yourself, Guilt Free!! You’ve been working really hard on those legs, abs and fabulous arms so treat yourself with a dessert but don’t sabotage yourself by binging.

If you are hosting:

1) Pick delicious, fresh and organic ingredients.

2) Put together a healthy menu that includes a lot of vegetable side dishes and a healthy salad.

3) Don’t prepare too many appetizers. Keep it simple and as light and nutritious as possible.

Two of my favorite recipes to include in a Thanksgiving menu:
Sauteed Duo of Potatoes
Sautéed Yellow String Beans

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