Tips for Holiday Hosting

Are you hosting a big feast this holiday season? Already stressed at the thought of cooking, entertaining, decorating a table, and trying to have fun with your guests? It can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to let your healthy habits slip when you’re stressed.

One of our newest trainers, Kathryn, happens to host a lot of holidays. We asked for her top tips for handling a big holiday, here’s her strategy:

  1. Prioritize. In this month I find the urgent things often replace the important things for me, so first thing in the morning, I will write down my priorities in life in order. Then I plan my day around acting on those things in accordance to that list. It helps me focus less on the things that cause stress and inclines me to be grateful. I host a lot of holidays so this really comes in handy on those specific days.
  2. Remember that the people I’m around are more important to me than whether or not my food comes out perfectly. This keeps me from being easily frustrated or irritable while getting it all done. I can be gracious towards my guests and present with them, instead of ignoring them because CANT THEY SEE I HAVE A WHOLE MEAL TO COOK?! 🙂
  3. Work out in the morning. I really enjoy a yoga vinyasa flow in my bedroom in the morning. I find it’s a great morning workout on a holiday because it focuses so much on your breathing. If you want a little more of an endorphin boost, you can use any combination of our streaming workouts that best suits you.
  4. Remember to breathe! Stress tends to come in the form of short shallow breaths, so deep breathing helps combat stress naturally.
  5. Eat a normal healthy breakfast, and have snacks throughout the day as usual. At meal time I focus on eating in normal portions like it is an every day lunch/dinner, just with a lot of options!
  6. Slow down and spread out the goodness! Most of us keep eating so fast that our bodies can’t even process when we are full, and then it’s too late — we have over eaten and stretched out our stomachs and we feel uncomfortable — so what do we do? Have a piece of pie. I avoid this by eating small portions, spread throughout the party. This goes for drinks, too. Sip slowly, and really enjoy.

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