The 2015 AKT Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life? Or maybe looking to make some hints about what gifts you really want this year? Check out our 2015 AKT Gift Guide to find gifts ranging from fitness fashion to a portable deep tissue massage.

The Full Body Experience (aka membership): We offer two different memberships.
1. The Executive Membership includes unlimited access to all of our studios, priority registration for 6 months, shoe storage, access to members only classes, and a LOT of other perks.
2. The Studio Membership includes daily access to one studio of choice and priority registration for one month.

To give (or get) a membership, email 

Extra Special Attention: Private sessions are the perfect way to really focus on individual goals and priorities. Trainers tailor sessions to what their clients need most, whether it’s learning dances, perfecting form, or working around an injury, the time is dedicated to the client.

Share this experience with a friend, and get a reward for yourself — for every 5 private sessions you give, you get a session. If you gift a session, or refer a friend to private training, and they take 5 private sessions, you get a session.

To give (or get) a private session, email for our Upper East Side Studio, and for our NoMad studio

Fashionable Fitness: Who doesn’t like to look good while they’re working out? Give an AKT hoodie for the commutes to and from the studio, a great pair of leggings, and one of our most popular tank tops.

To give (or get) Fashionable Fitness, email

AKT Starter Kit: For the friend who wants to try us out, a 5-pack of classes and an AKT water bottle.

To give (or get) the AKT Starter Kit, email

AKT Pro: We’ve got a few ideas for the person who spends a lot of time at AKT.

1. Make their life a little more convenient with a locker rental. Locker rentals include laundry service, and a gift pack from Sisley.

2. Help them achieve their goals with a trainer consultation. These include measurements and photos, and gives them a chance to ask questions and figure out the best ways to achieve results.

3. Let them recover from workouts a little better with the Rolls Royce of foam rollers, the Rolpal. You may have read about these in the New York Times.

To give (or get) any of the AKT Pro gifts, email for our Upper East Side Studio, or for our NoMad studio

Ladies’ Choice: Let them get exactly what they want from AKT! AKT gift cards can be applied to any product or service. Get an additional $25 on a $75 gift card, or an additional $50 on a gift card of $150 and over.

To give (or get) Ladies’ Choice, email for our Upper East Side Studio, or for our NoMad studio

Frequent Flyer: Know someone who is constantly on the road? Give them everything they need to stay fit, no matter where they are, with a streaming membership, ankle/wrist weights, and a resistance band –perfect for packing!

To give (or get) Frequent Flyer, email

Sweat for the Holidays: Treat a group of friends, or co-workers, or your partner to a semi-private session. We’ll tailor the session to the group, and the occasion.

To give (or get) a semi-private session, email for our Upper East Side Studio, and for our NoMad studio

For a Man in Your Life: Get him a men’s tee shirt and a pack of classes. Can he handle AKT?

To give this gift, email for our Upper East Side Studio, or for our NoMad studio 

The Fresh Start: For a chance to reset and restore, give a 5-7 day cleanse, including a session with our wellness coach, Safia Morsley-Fikai. No one will return this after the holidays!

To give (or get) The Fresh Start, email

BONUS! The Gift of All Gifts: Give an AKTour to a friend who has some travel plans coming up! Send an AKTrainer to give private sessions while they’re abroad.

To give (or get) and AKTour, email

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