Now’s the time everyone is making drastic resolutions and vowing to make big changes seemingly overnight. We’re not into the”new year, new you” approach. You’re already great, let’s just take a few realistic steps to improve upon that greatness and become a better version of you. Your best self. Here, we’ve rounded up a few suggestions from the AKTeam for approachable and sustainable resolutions. Practical steps toward your best you.

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Make water your main beverage. It’s the best drink for you, so there’s really no reason not to prioritize it. If you want to make your water more exciting, try adding fresh fruits and herbs (which are also good for you).

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Stretch more. Flexibility is important, and often overlooked. Show your muscles more love this year.

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Eat more greens. Eat as many colors as you like (we’re talking strictly produce here, no candy!), but adding more green to your diet will certainly never hurt.

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Save alcohol for special occasions. This might be harder said than done, but be more discerning about when you drink. Cutting back on alcohol will do wonders for your body.

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Help your body recover better. Foam roll whenever possible, use trigger point balls, get massages! Do what you can to release fascia, sore muscles, and any tension you’re carrying around.

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Cook more often. The surest way to guarantee that you’re eating the best ingredients with no sneaky additives is to pick them, and cook them, yourself.

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If you’re going to go hard and fast about one thing, make it about sugar. Cutting back on it will do your body worlds of good.   



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