Anna’s #MyDietIsBetterThanYours Challenge

Did you catch Anna on My Diet is Better than Yours last week? Think you can handle the circuit training challenge she gave the contestants? We’re breaking it down for you, with examples from AKTrainers, Sasha and Kathryn. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Get your timers ready!

Round 1: 30 seconds of jump rope

You know how to jump rope, so we don’t need to show you this.

Round 2: 1 minute of jacks and high kicks

Yours should look something like this:

Round 3: 2 minutes of sparring and ducking

It may seem simple, but if you push yourself really hard, this is a lot of work!

Round 4: 3 minutes of shuffles and hooks

Our trainers are holding weights to make it a little more challenging.

Round 5: 4 minutes of fast feet and punches

Fast feet are no joke!

Round 6: Plank to failure

We wanted to show you a few plank variations. Work on mastering all of them.

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