One of our trainers is on a mission. Shauna wants to make her butt like Anna’s, and she’s got moves to get herself there. She shared a bunch of these exercises on Instagram with our new favorite hashtag: #buttlikeannas. Want to join her on her quest? See them all below, and make sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and moves!

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BUTT really, it's time to get serious. @theannakaiser has the #fitbutt of my dreams. My goal for 2016 is to sculpt my butt into a bootylicious masterpiece, just like hers. To reach my #buttgoals I'm adding new #buttexercises everyday to my routine, starting with this favorite. DO try this at home: Make sure you keep your abs engaged as you pulse your heel to the sky for 30 seconds. Then pulse 3x up, with a hold at the top for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg. Do each exercise on each leg 3x. Hit play on your favorite tunes and pulse and squeeze to the beat. #buttlikeannas #fitspo #badasswithagoodass #gluteexercises #aktinmotion #longandstrong #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter #badassunicorn #buttrevolution #mydietisbetterthanyours

A post shared by Shauna Sacco MS, RDN (@shaunasacco) on

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