Recap: AKT LA Intensive

Anna and Ariel brought AKT to LA for a 5-day Intensive program that included two daily workouts, meal delivery by Paleta, a nutrition and fitness Q&A, all topped off with a facial.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.00.25 PM
Some of the AKT LA Intensive crew

Our LA fitfam did a great job keeping up with our girls. One of our participants, Jannah Rulfs, kept a day-by-day mini diary of her whole experience. Here’s what she shared with us:

Day 1 – Class: Happy Hour

After class I am more sweaty than after a hot yoga session, but I feel like Beyonce. I leave class with the amazing music on repeat in my head and immediately google “AKT Playlist” when I get home. About 30 mins after class I am hungry. Because I’ve sweat so much, I feel like replacing all the electrolytes I’ve lost and have a coconut water and a usual salad with protein for lunch.

Before bed: It’s 9:30 pm and I am exhausted! I think all of the dancing really takes it out of me, but I love going to bed with the feeling of being really tired, knowing I had worked hard in class. I head to bed, but not before rehearsing a few of the dance moves in front of the mirror, one last time.

Day 2 – Class: AKTone

After class: I am ready to drop! Anna worked us hard today, especially with the resistance bands. The tiny arm movements are deceptively difficult! When watching the instructors, the moves do not look very strenuous, but they are absolutely killer. Today was all about form. Both Anna and Ariel were wonderful in explaining the precision of the movements, and I cannot believe the difference I feel when I adjust the angle of my movements by even a few inches.

Before bed: Again, I am exhausted. Actually, I am sore and exhausted! My shoulders, chest, and triceps feel awakened in places that I must not often use. But as a bonus, tonight when my husband put his hands around my waist he commented on the tightness of my abdominals… so I guess everybody wins.

Day 3 – Class: Happy Hour

After class: I am in such a great mood! The dancing really does release those happy endorphins and I feel like I could follow along with the moves much better than on Monday. Love that AKT is not only a workout for my body but also for my mind, as I really have to focus to connect to the movements. That being said, it is so much fun! Ariel helped me to have precise movements again with the toning moves, telling me always to think “long and lean” with the movements. I realized today when I tire, my form diminishes and a simple check-in with myself is what helps me get through it. When I go home I am ravenous, but not craving sugar or sweets, just craving good healthy food, but a higher quantity than usual!

Before bed: The middle of the week is alway the hardest day for me. I think embarking on a new workout, learning new skills, and using new muscles inevitably brings a new set of challenges, both mentally and physically. Thankfully I’m so tired I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Day 4 – Class: Sweat dream

After class: Today has been the hardest day so far. I thought the cardio dance was the hardest part of class, but I stand corrected. Dancing whilst holding hand weights is much harder. I’m not sure if it was muscle fatigue, or just day 4 tiredness, but I found it difficult to bring a lot to class today. Perhaps having a lack of confidence in my dance moves made me especially nervous to do them while holding a light weight. The moves themselves were easier, as they were less dance-y and more athletic-kickboxing style! As always, they still required precision and concentration.

Before bed: I ate a very good dinner today of salmon, sweet potatoes, and steamed veggies. I took Anna’s advice and ate within an hour after class in order to combat overeating and cravings later on. Starting to feel serious remorse about tomorrow being the last day of class!

Day 5 – Class: Happy hour

After class: No! It can’t be over! What an incredible week. I feel like I pushed my body to it’s limits, used muscles I never knew I had, and learned the importance of focus, precision and form in every movement. Most importantly I feel like I’ve gotten stronger in so many ways. The energy in class was contagious, the instructors are knowledgable, helpful, and incredibly personable. AKT team, what a group of gems you are! Please come back to LA soon. In the meantime I guess I’ll just have to fill the AKT shaped hole in my heart with your DVD and streaming service.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.00.05 PM
Anna and Ariel making sure everyone’s form is on point

Another LA Intensive participant, Dominique Ashley, shared her experience with us:

After class I felt Amazing! Its a euphoric feeling that I do not get from anywhere else and I was already getting so excited for the next session later that afternoon. The boxing-inspired workout was fantastic, and my arms really felt the burn. 

The last workout of the AKT Intensive was a packed studio of  avid Anna fans.  It was nice to mingle with new and familiar faces before the workout began and to reflect on the bonds that were created in just a few hours during the week of this LA Intensive. The power and love of these women electrified the studio that afternoon.  Anna and Ariel taught and delivered an Epic Happy Hour class. The sweat poured and the mirrors steamed up.  It was the epitome of AKT in Motion.  Following the workout we had refreshments provided by Moon Juice and Anna took time to chat with all of us about any concerns or curiosities.  I was a euphoric day!  The evening was full of reflection and gratitude for being able to participate in the AKT LA Intensive and dreaming of the next in-person workouts (Mexico, here I come). Overall my body is really sore, but feeling stronger, and my clothes are laying nicer against my body.  Wow, these results are seen in just a few days and only 6 workouts! The proof is there and AKT is the golden ticket.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.02.24 PM
Our girls

Thanks to everyone who joined us. If you want to work out with us, no matter where you’re located, check out our streaming membership! And make sure to keep an eye out for more AKT Intensive programs in the future — you never know where we’ll pop up!

Interested in the next AKT Intensive Program? Email to sign up and learn more.

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