Recap: AKT NoMad Intensive

Last month we debuted our first AKT Intensive programs. In case you missed them, or are curious about what the experience was like, check out some photos and comments from our participants.

The NoMad Intensive took place February 8-12. We had a participant fly in from Texas to join us for the week, and our friend Aly Teich from The Sweat Life joined in on the fun (read why she thinks everyone should try the program here). There were 2 daily workouts, a Q&A session with Anna and our Nutritive Specialist, meal delivery from Sakara Life, and lots of special AKTreats throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.15.34 PM
The AKT NoMad Intensive crew

AKT NoMad participant Tina Naser summed up her experience for us:

This is one of the most comprehensive, fun, and HARD health and wellness concepts that I have come across.  As both a fitness and wellness geek, and a food and healthcare entrepreneur, I have spent A LOT of time learning about, trying, and experimenting with different studios/gyms, fitness regimes, nutrition programs, and philosophies on wellness, and as my friends and family will attest, I have strong opinions on all of it!! 🙂 It is in this context and against the backdrop of these experiences that I think AKT has gotten a lot of things really really right to create a differentiating experience for its members:

1) Combining nutrition, group fitness and personal training / attention….though a number of fitness centers talk about this, I am not aware that anyone else in New York is doing anything like this.

2) Different modalities of training, from strength to power endurance to dance to core training and flexibility, and in doing so training really hard, but also training safe.

3) Paying attention to both the physiological body and the aesthetic body equally.

4) A very esthetically pleasing, high-end environment that is also very warm and welcoming.

4) Trainers that are clearly hard core professional athletes, who inspire you vs. intimidate you.

5) Friendly, high energy, professional staff.

In terms of personal impact that the Intensive Program had on me, I noticed a notable improvement in my weakest fitness areas – flexibility and coordination. I also had so much fun – it is a real joy to workout with Anna and all of the instructors I have trained with. Finally, I met some truly extraordinary women, which I think speaks to the quality of the AKT brand, service and product offering. I am obviously a huge fan and will be integrating AKT into my fitness program going forward.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.16.25 PM
The gang’s all here for their second workout of the day

AKT NoMad participant Maria Van Thienen gave us her take:

The program was superb! I do feel the changes: more energy, positive attitude and a body of my own 🙂

I appreciate how approachable and humble Anna is. She remembers everyone and makes sure you get the best out of the workout. Classes are tough but motivation in the room was always high — everyone pushing each other. The q&a was useful and reminded me to listen to my body and focus on myself. The group connected on a deeper level than just looks. I felt muscles I didn’t even remember were there. Anna taught us how to properly foam roll, which, besides the pain, was completely worth it and helped with the soreness…

Jumping for joy post-workout

AKT NoMad participant Jenn Hesson:

What made me sign up for the Intensive is Anna, the opportunity to work with her for a week, and it has been great. Her eyes are on her clients during the workouts which makes all the difference — the hands on corrections to form, the coaching, the specificity of attention. I turn 41 this June, and I definitely feel a difference and arc mentally and physically from two years back; my boyfriend has been teasing me that I’m getting younger. Happiness and health make all the difference and you guys definitely take some of the credit for that.

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