7 Day Cleanse and Reboot with Safia Morsly-Fikai

Join our Health and Wellness Coach, Safia Morsly-Fikai, for a 7 day detox program this April!

Spring is the season of renewal, which makes this time of year perfect for a detox that will reset your body and mind while priming you for beach season. Detoxifying doesn’t have to mean fasting or juicing, and if done periodically, is one of the best ways to maintain lasting health and wellness.
This cleanse is designed to fit your busy schedule, and to keep you energized, happy, FULL, focused, and grounded. You will be guided meticulously through 7 fool-proof days of clean, simple, and SUSTAINABLE eating. The recipes are designed to help support your body’s natural detoxification organs, and you’ll finish the cleanse feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I can’t wait to start cleansing with you!

Why detox?

  1. Transition your body from heavy winter foods to seasonal, lighter spring food.
  2. Boost your mood, energy, and productivity by reducing inflammation.
  3. Shed excess weight and eliminate toxins to feel fresh and healthy this summer.
  4. Your results will continue after you finish!


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