Brighten Up

Our trainer, Kathryn, has recently discovered a new line of lip color that will last through your workout. Before you start questioning the whole working-out-in-makeup thing, let her explain:

We all know that wearing makeup to our workout is not the best for our skin, but sometimes the studio can be the place where we are most self conscious of our appearance. So what can we do to spice up our confidence while keeping our skin healthy? When I began at AKT, a seasoned client answered this question with three wise words, “a bold lip.” You can save your skin and still feel sassy; a bold lip goes a long way!

We all have our go-to brands, but did you know many lipsticks carry with them harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients? A friend of mine recently introduced me to Ice+Jam, a company dedicated to creating quality products for our lips, using only organic, gluten free, paraben free and cruelty free ingredients. Get your sweat on with a healthy sass.


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