5 Fun Facts About Working With Janet Jackson

Master trainer, Jessica Castro, had the honor of performing in the Super Bowl XXXVIII with industry icon Janet Jackson. Here are her top 5 highlights of what it was like to dance with Janet and the crew.


  1. The audition was a three-day process. Day 1 was the men, (800 auditioned). Day 2 was the women–I was one among 1,000 potential dancers. Third day was the callback. They were only looking for 30 dancers total, 15 women and 15 men.  I made it all the way until the end. Then Janet came down the stairs from a private room in which she had been in the whole day…we didn’t know but she had been observing us through a two way window. When she came down the stairs my heart stopped. The dancers that were left had to audition for her in groups of 4.  When it was my turn, I forgot all of the choreography. I was mortified. And then they asked us to freestyle, and so I freestyled for my life! And booked it.
  2. At the end of the audition, I went up to thank her. She shook my hand ever so gently and said “I loved watching you dance, Jessica”… I almost fainted!! lol! She actually knew my name.
  3. She is extremely sweet and kind
  1. Janet is the first one in rehearsal and the last one out. She is extremely involved with every aspect of her show. From wardrobe, to the dancing and even the hair and make up.
  2. When it came time to cleaning the choreography for Rhythm Nation. She made us do it in groups of two. Janet proceeded to give us corrections, not the choreographer. Rhythm Nation is iconic and the movement is extremely specific.  So she wanted to make sure we knew it perfectly!


Jessica Castro is the mother of a beautiful baby girl and was born and raised in Hartford Connecticut. She moved to New York with dreams of being a dancer where she was immediately accepted into the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center Certificate Program. Her career started as a Knicks City Dancer for the New York Knicks. Jessica has toured the world and danced for such artists as Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Will Smith, and Mary J Blige, just to name a few. You can also see her in countless movies such as “Honey” where she was a principle dancer as well as Jessica Alba’s dance double, and in “Idlewild” where she played Bobbie the Showgirl. She was also in the show “Fuerzabruta,” as well as several commercials, industrials and award shows. She is also the founder of the Lipstick Diaries, a transformative intensive workshop series with insider tips that empower women to take control of their careers. Jessica is available for private sessions by request.

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