Diet Plan From Shakira’s Trainer Anna Kaiser

I recommend eating small meals all throughout the day. We are all so busy that it’s important to keep our energy up. By eating all throughout the day—really healthy, clean food— your body can absorb the nutrition as much as possible.

A typical breakfast of mine may include coffee and a slice of Ezekiel bread topped with avocado and tomato. Or I make a super-energizing and empowering smoothie with plant protein, almond butter, raspberries, blueberries, chia seeds, and Alkaline Grasses Powder (from the Juicy Naam) mixed with some water and ice.

My go-to post-workout snack is coconut water and some source of protein like a plant-based hemp powder. For lunch, I usually opt for a hearty salad (think veggies with lots of colors) and 3.5 ounces of chicken and or fish. An afternoon snack could be Chef’s Cut Real Jerky or sliced and diced cucumber and melon. Dinner might be steak or fish with asparagus, and then a couple pieces of 72% Cacao Hu Kitchen Simple Chocolate for dessert.

People always ask me what to eat before and after a workout. An hour and a half before you work out, eat a light meal or snack with a combination of carbs and proteins — a small bowl of oatmeal with raisins and walnuts, for example. Then, drink coffee fifteen to thirty minutes before your workout to rev up your heart rate. In the forty-five minutes after your workout, try a healthy protein shake with berries, hemp protein, almond milk, and ice, or a healthy salad with chicken, veggies, extra-virgin olive oil, and lemon juice.

Now, on cheat meals…treating yourself to a beautiful steak and baked potato is different than four slices of pizza and a six-pack of beer. The way we view the actual ‘treat’ makes a difference. To keep calories in check, pick your cheat meal before the weekend begins and be sure to jump right back on the healthy eating bandwagon afterwards—no matter how good a second greasy meal may sound.


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