Healthy Snack Ideas From Anna Kaiser


“I love Primal Turkey Jerky, Wonderfully Raw Tamarind Apple Crunch Brussel Bites, Go Raw Sweet Spirulina Super Chips, Wasabi World Peas, roasted chestnuts and dried seaweed. Other options that I always have on hand are green apples, hard-boiled eggs, raw almonds, and flax Mary’s Gone crackers.

Usually when I want a snack, I want either sweet, salty, spicy or crunchy. I look for foods that are actually good for me AND satisfy my cravings. Because why surround yourself with unhealthy temptations when there are SO many incredible options available these days? Foods with high fiber, water and protein will help curb your craving and hold you over until your next meal. So skip the popcorn or rice cake and opt for a spirulina super chip! I LOVE discovering new healthy snacks so I can look forward to new options and not get stuck in a food rut.”

Anna Kaiser



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