Emily Deissler’s Transformation

Joining AKT has been an incredible experience and a positive lifestyle change overall. Since first beginning the AKTransformation in January, completing the program and subsequently becoming a ongoing member, I feel stronger, healthier and more fit! The Transformation program provides a regimented opportunity to hold yourself accountable for the 8 week timeframe, but it really doesn’t stop there. It sets you up to be more motivated to keep coming back, and to be the best version of yourself you can be. 🙂


I look back on all of the classes I’ve attended and they’re all hard but so much fun. I’ve always loved dance cardio (a la Happy Hour), but the mixed strength training-focused Sweat Dream, 4Play, and AKTone classes — plus individual training sessions, shoutout to Michelle! — have really encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone.  The AKT instructors are amazing, and they help us push ourselves to try harder — sometimes this happens without me even realizing  because the energy and music are so great. 🙂 Who doesn’t get a second, third or fourth wind when the AKT disco balls comes on with the new Justin Timberlake song?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.03.20 PM

I am really proud of the results that AKT has enabled me to achieve — in inches (five last I checked) and pant size (down two sizes). It’s really not about the numbers though.  I am getting married in August, and as I prepare to go to my first dress fitting in a couple of weeks, I know that I will feel amazing walking down the aisle :). I am so happy to  have found a place where I love to come and workout, where I know the classes will always be challenging, but always worth it.  I’ve never regretted one workout, and know that where I am now is only the beginning. All it takes is committing to it, leave it to AKT to do the rest 🙂

Want to lose inches, improve posture, and gain strength and confidence within a supportive community? We’ve got you covered! Join our 8-week signature Transformation Program!

Email laura@aktinmotion.com to sign up and learn more!

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