Nicole Mirabile’s Transformation

Thank you all so, so much!!! I am beyond happy with the results, but more importantly cannot even put into words how happy I am that I found AKT.

I genuinely believe AKT has changed my life! I am so much more confident and happier than I feel like I have ever been before… from my personal life to even my work! I wake up happy everyday, excited to go to AKT and it is because of all of you! I used to dread going to the gym and would constantly make up excuses in my head for reasons to avoid going, now I do the opposite and try and plan my days around my classes! I honestly cannot imagine my life without AKT.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.59.21 PM
Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement along the way, it means more than you know. Also, a HUGE thank you to Sarah who is the best trainer / coach in the world!!! So many times I felt like giving up when I couldn’t keep up and her attitude and energy always put me in a better mood and made me feel like I could do anything!

I am so excited to continue my journey at AKT and share it with all of you! I honestly cannot thank you all enough for what AKT has done for me, but THANK YOU again!


Want to change your mind, body & soul? Join our 8 week in-studio Transformation Program! Email to sign up and learn more!

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