6 Ways To Get In Shape Fast By The Weekend


We’ve got some quick and easy ways to feel better in a bikini by this weekend, thanks to celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, who is responsible for Karlie Kloss and Shakira’s jaw-dropping physiques. Follow the six steps below and see results by the time you hit the beach.

1. Cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates.

“You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel,” Kaiser says. “You’ll have more energy instantly, decreased inflammation, and all the weight loss benefits.” Sold.

2. Start bumping up the cardio to shed some extra pounds in the next few days and give your body that gorgeous bikini tone.

“Even if you’re traveling, there is no excuse not to get a killer workout in with AKTread,” says Kaiser of her calorie-torching workout that celebs can’t get enough of. “Plus, you’ll have a blast trying all the crazy new moves you never thought would be possible on a treadmill.”

3. Get a massage post work to help you relax, recover, and get a good night’s sleep.

Getting your zzz’s is essential for weight loss and debloating, keeping stress in check, and helping your muscles recover so you can kick up the intensity of your workout without overdoing it, says Kaiser. “After the massage, try drinking 2 to 4 ounces of tart cherry juice before bed to help you snooze. I love the Tart Cherry + Turmeric shot from Juice Generation.”

4. Replace your afternoon coffee/chocolate with as much iced green tea (optional: Stevia sweetener) as you’d like.

Put down that latte! “Green tea will help decrease the dreaded bloat, bump up your metabolism naturally, stave off hunger, and keep you from feeling super hungry (blood sugar drops) around 7 p.m.,” she says.

5. Switch up your workout.

If you are used to working out in the morning, Kaiser (pictured below) recommends doing it in the evening before dinner, or vice versa. “This will help challenge your body at a time it’s not used to working out and rev up your results,” she says. “If you’re a die hard, go for a double today!”

6. Pick out a waist-bearing bikini as extra incentive to go hard on your core workouts.

After you pick out a suit you love, add this core workout in every day:

  • Hold a plank for 2 minutes.
  • Rock forward and back in plank for 1 minute.
  • Jack your feet out and in while holding a plank for 30 seconds.
  • Hold a side plank on each side for 1 minute.
  • Rest and repeat two times through (see if you can do the entire thing without putting your knees down).


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