Chavonna Sheffield’s Transformation

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AKT, where do I begin?  It healed me on so many levels. I was newly recovered from having Iron Deficiency Anemia and once my doctor cleared me to resume all of my activities, I wanted to get healthy. I was carrying a lot of extra weight from not being able to work out for nearly a year and my horrific eating habits – pizza, bagels, pretzels, fried chicken, pancakes, macaroni and cheese, vodka with cranberry juice, pineapple juice and sprite. Oh my goodness, I am shaking my head in disbelief as I write this. I began googling dance cardio and every time AKT would come up. “Who is this Anna Kaiser?” “Why am I so feeling all that she is giving me right now?”

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I grew up dancing and it has always been a release for me so any workout that involves me, a mirror, a good dance beat, and some sass – sign me up! I decided to try it and it exceeded all of my expectations!  I was sold after my first class. The final song was “Let’s Have a Kiki”, the disco ball came on, I did plank push-ups with my legs on the barre, and I was soaked in sweat. I danced again!

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After that class I signed up for the AKT Transformation program because I needed structured help with a wellness plan. I wasn’t sure what kind of shape I was in, but I knew it wasn’t the shape I wanted to be in. I wanted guidance from people who were knowledgeable about health and wellness. That is what Transformation provided me with, and so much more. I lost 16 lbs. and 21 inches – went from a size 10 to a 6. I completely trusted the process, got healthy and strong. Throughout Transformation, I was encouraged, supported, and loved on by everyone at AKT, especially my trainer Jonathan.  After Transformation ended, I set new goals and I wanted to get a female touch with my training so I started working with different trainers, all of whom are amazing. Because of their help, I have lost a total of 28 lbs. and 37.5 inches in a year.

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AKT has been a saving grace in my life. It has made me stronger, braver, more confident, and more understanding of my body. Through Anna’s passion for wellness and genuine interest in wanting the best for others, she has created a place of peace, happiness, triumph, challenge, and grace.  Anna has found and developed a diverse group of trainers each with their own talents that she allows to shine. Despite their varied talents, they all share the same goal – living out their dreams and helping others do the same. They are all supportive, they all know your name, they take classes with you, they listen to your challenges, your hopes, and they engage you on many other levels than just working out. AKT is a place of wellness for the mind, body, and soul. I say that because through Transformation and my continued wellness journey, I am always finding ways in which I want to improve and AKT provides me with the support to make those improvements happen. I have engaged in so many enlightening conversations about life, love, and career with many of the women who work there and are clients there. There is no competition and we all love and support one another.

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After Transformation ended, I set new goals and I wanted to get a female touch with my training so I started working with one Miss Jessica Castro. Jess is EVERYTHING yet so humble and so much fun to dance with!!! She indulged me with my playlist of only Madonna and J LO (both of which she has worked with, uh yeah… Jess is all that) Oh, but BE CLEAR, she will wear you out lol. She is not afraid to lay hands on me by pulling my hip back, physically holding my knee so it is properly aligned, and encouraging me the entire time. We sweat, we dance, we laugh, we have fun!! She, like Jonathan, makes sure I am in the proper position, and then makes me do 8 more Ugh!! But it’s so worth it. The advice she gave me and continues to give me, is priceless and always takes me to another level in my training. And when it is not their lane, they let you know and lead you to someone who can help you…  I asked Jess about food and how I was not losing anymore and I was concerned about my food intake.

She promptly informed me that she eats bread – really, Jess, the body, the dance career, and you eat bread, I CAN’T!!! However, because of this, my self-proclaimed Fairy Godmother of all things clean and life-generating, Ioana Alfonso, was brought into my life. Io, like Anna, is the epitome of the saying “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” Seriously, her body… nothing but muscle and so beautiful inside and out!!! She introduced me to pulling up from your vagina #cuchthing, and it changed my life. She tells me to lift up from my heart, navel to the spine, and lengthen the body. She speaks light into the workout, encourages me to “say yes, and breathe” when I feel like I can’t go on. She floats, no soars, like a flying monkey in Wicked, Ha. And I say this because I have experienced that feeling via the help she has given me with my food. My body feels lighter and has changed immensely since I began working with her in October. She guided me through a “starving the yeast” program with patience and integrity. She never forced anything on me, just left the information, detailed information, with me and I followed at my own pace. When I asked one question, she answered it and offered more insights. She texted me recipes, helped me with restaurant menus, shared her knowledge willingly. She is so encouraging, calm, smart, funny. And I am so grateful she is part of my team!! Because of their help, I have lost a total of 28 lbs. and 37.5 inches in a year.

So come and get your LIFE with us!!! Anna’s energy is infectious and her knowledge of the body is impeccable. The thought process that goes into creating the classes is methodical and your body will change – guaranteed! My love and respect for her and her team runs deep. Allow them to help you set goals, crush those goals, and set more. Right now my new goal is to work out in only a bra and shorts – I’m so over wearing a shirt in class. LOL. What’s your wellness goal? Whatever it is, the support you get through doing AKT Transformation will enable you to achieve all that you want and more–see you on the dance floor! 

by Chavonna Sheffield, AKT Client

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