Life Advice From Anna Kaiser


Do you feel like you have your shit together?

I’m going to go ahead and say yes to this. If, by “shit,” you mean being able to prioritize what’s most important in life while keeping myself sane and excited for what the universe throws at me, then yes! I feel like I am able to maintain a good amount of control over my day-to-day with enough armor to handle the crazy surprises life throws at me. But instead of viewing each one as a “struggle is real” moment, I try to view these little setbacks as new adventures to tackle. Each one makes me just a tad bit stronger and more capable.

I feel like this just happened THIS YEAR, a few months ago. I settled into my life and made a conscious decision to only take on what I can physically handle and put aside specific time(s) in my week for me to just be me. Whatever that means in the moment. No rushing, stressing or judging allowed. Finding the eye of the storm to regain balance and be able to head out into the hurricane once again. I can honestly say that I am genuinely happy.


Do you think anyone actually has their life together?

Yes. I don’t think anyone has a perfect life where they’re not stressed in multiple ways on a daily basis, but being able to thrive within that chaos is what makes life worth it and what I feel qualifies someone as having her shit together.



So say you don’t have your life together at all (whether it feels that way in general, or because you’re going through a particularly crazy time) — what are some things you do to make yourself FEEL like you have it together?

Finding time to unplug from whatever stress feels overwhelming (getting a manicure, massage, calling my girlfriends, dinner with family, going for a walk in Central Park, shopping) helps me ground myself and relax enough to gain some perspective on whatever is stressing me out so I that can address it in a more calm and collected way. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to pretend I could be a lady who lunches.


Do you think you have to have your life together to be happy?

I’m that kind of NYC girl who loves spontaneity and having a million balls in the air. The variety excites me and makes me happy. Learning to juggle, while accepting that I’m going to drop a ball once in a while, made me realize that actually trying to get my shit together makes me happy.


How do you balance all the things that we’re expected to balance (career and social life and fitness and money and friends and beauty and family and clothes and depending on where you are in life, kids)?

Ah. The question I constantly try to answer. BALANCE is what I strive to find everyday. The struggle is worth it. I think life would be boring if we were perfectly balanced all the time and we wouldn’t really enjoy that balance once we found it. The goal for me is to get enough of everything so that I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed any one aspect of my life. I usually try to plan out my week on Sunday to fit a little of everything in. Not that it always happens, but every week it gets better and I realize how to prioritize to keep myself sane, happy and relatively balanced.


Any words of wisdom or advice about “getting your shit together” that you wish someone told you years ago? 

I think taking at least one day off of work every week is necessary. And not feeling like you have to fill every moment of your day with “stuff,” but allowing yourself the freedom to find time to just wonder, reflect and have an entire day without any plans. Don’t feel guilty about this! It’s actually not wasted time. It’s life. And that makes all the other shit worth it.

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