How AKTrainer, Jamie, Puts Together Her Killer Playlist

Whether you want to be the DJ at your next house party or put together that pump up playlist for the gym, you have to know how to choose the best songs for each setting. For my playlists at AKT, I choose upbeat and versatile music. I live for a good throw back and most importantly, feeling that groove!
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.16.33 PM
I spend a lot of time on the train traveling between all four studios, so I end up planning a lot of my playlists there. Sometimes I think a song is the perfect tempo for a combo, but when I try it out on my own later, it’s surprising how fast it is! I found this app that I now use which tells me the bpm of a song. It’s helped so much! Once I have the perfect playlist, I turn the cross-fade on, and we get that real DJ experience!

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My warm up songs will always have a good groove. Sometimes I like to use one of the top hits of the week to really get everyone going! After our warm-up, we do a Plyometric section. It’s during this section that I choose a song with a heavy beat to motivate and push us through. This is a key point in class, as it drives the heart rate up and is where that HIIT action really kicks off! Afterwards, for the cardio sections, it’s back to the importance of bpm. It can be hard to find the balance between the speed of the song and the combo, but it’s crucial to the workout and the client experience!  As for the strength sections, that’s where I would put in a throw back to give a nostalgic vibe and give me – and clients – the extra “Umgh!” to get through the burn out portions (all time favorite throw back song – “No Diggity”).  When the disco ball comes on, I use a faster song to push the limits even after we have surpassed them. THIS is what AKT is all about – pushing past those plateaus and achieving goals you didn’t know were possible. I’ve never been one to use a ballad to finish a class – even for stretching. I like to see people dancing out the door, hearts still pumping!

Music is a huge part of my life. I find my songs while I’m out  with friends, listening to the radio, and am always open to suggestion.  If a song comes on that excites me I immediately put it on my playlist, no questions asked! I just love music and how it moves me – literally 😉
Jamie’s Playlist — Just for You!
1. This Girl – Kungs
2. Jealous (I ain’t with it) – Solidisco Remix
3. Summer Nights – Tiesto
4. Gypsy Woman – Caroline D’Amore
5. I Luv the Nightlife – Club Mix, Bronski Beat
6. Aftershock (Can’t Fight the Feeling) – Chuckie
7. OMG – Usher, Raymond
8. Sex Bomb – Tom Jones
9. Infinite – Sam Sparro
10. Absolutely Not (Remix Radio) – Deborah Cox
11. I’ll be – Foxy Brown
12. Touch It – Monifah
13. Feeling – BB Dimond
14. Calabria 2008 – Enur, Raggatronic
15. I Love Big Booty – MDPC

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