5 Areas AKTrainer, Jonathan, Focuses On To Keep His Body Energized & Healthy

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Being an AKTrainer is extremely rewarding – to help people achieve their goals is such an amazing feeling! It doesn’t go without it’s challenges, though, and when I started it took time to figure out exactly what my body needs to keep up with the physical and mental demands. Here are 5 areas I focus on to keep energized and healthy:


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A lot of it! I start my day with warm water and lemon or water and apple cider vinegar…both are alkaline forming in the body, which is great to balance my pH and gently wake up my gut before breakfast. Throughout the day I continue to have alkaline water, like Essentia, or water with lemon. I have 32 oz right after a class or session, and any time I feel a little “off” I immediately have 16 oz of water.


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Post-workout fuel is incredibly important. I stick with easily digestible vegan/plant-based formulas and NO whey or soy. My favorite protein shake is Vega Sport Protein. If I get a smoothie I choose hemp or pea protein and add extra nut butter. My protein snacks are nut or seed based, and lots of eggs! As for veggies, I love broccoli, peas, and squash which I usually pair with brown rice to make a complete protein.


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Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture all help alleviate tension in the body. I treat my body to one of these methods monthly. Other, daily methods I use include: dry brushing, which helps detox and drain the lymphatic system (I got mine at Sephora), foam rolling (RolPal is my favorite) or epsom salt bath (2 cups in a hot bath, and a few drops lavender essential oil). A little goes a long way when you keep it consistent and give your body some love!


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I’ve figured out my sleep sweet spot is 7 hours. That is the amount of time I can sleep through the night, without waking, and feel refreshed and recharged. I’ve tried other amounts of time, but they leave me feeling sluggish. Keep your bedtime consistent, try out different lengths of sleep for two weeks at a time to see how you feel. If you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep, that points to other areas you need to focus on!


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Technology and social media make us on-call 24/7. Every notification, no matter the time, seems important. The Do Not Disturb mode on my phone is great because it sets a limit. At 10:00p, Do Not Disturb turns on, and I do a 10 minute guided meditation with the app Meditation Studio. I highly suggest not looking at any “screens” (TV, computer, phone) for the last hour leading up to your bedtime. Allow your mind time to settle and relax.

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When it comes to staying healthy, fit and active, I’ve learned which key areas impact my energy and performance, and maybe this gave you a bit of insight for yourself! We’re always here to support you in achieving your goals, so let us know if there are specific areas you need guidance!

Yours in sweat,


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