How I Learned to Love Plyos

As most of you know, the first 10 minutes of AKT’s in-studio Happy Hour and Progressive classes begin with a dynamic warm-up that concludes with a heart racing set of plyos. You know the drill, 20 second sprints–2 sets each–of burpees, mountain climbers,planks, and whatever else they throw in there. Do I really need to simulate climbing a mountain at 7 AMin the morning? Apparently, I do because I come back 5 days a week for more. Don’t let this diatribe fool you. This post is about how I learned to love ployos. My workout is my time. It puts me in the zone and sets the standards for the day ahead. You can imagine my frustration when I couldn’t make it through the plyos without stopping. I began to fear and dread these first 10 minutes of class but at the same time, I also found myself saying that after those 10 minutes are over I am home free. Don’t get me wrong. The other 50 minutes of class are extremely challenging but they are not plyos.

How did I overcome my fear? Mind over muscle. Anyone can do anything for 20 seconds, even if it’s more than one set. In addition to the mental dialogue I was having with myself, ‘Come on. You can do it.’, I would also think about the people I encountered in my life who said I couldn’t do something or wasn’t doing it well enough, and guess what, I always proved them wrong. So take that plyos! I eventually got to the point where I could make it through those 10 minutes and when I did, I realized something else. By pushing myself past my mental plateau, my body began to change. My muscles became more defined and toned. I was stronger and this strength took my daily workouts to another level altogether. The moral of my story? Perhaps you experience the same fears each time you go outside your workout comfort zone and try a new class? Maybe it’s just one section of a dance routine or keeping up with the class. Don’t worry. You’ll get there. I did.
By AKT Anonymous

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