How To Stay Fit & Active During Pregnancy

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Baby stats: Due January 28, 2017

Anna’s healthy pregnancy:  Up until about week 16, I didn’t change ANYTHING! In fact, I am so grateful for AKT. If I didn’t have a daily routine that incorporated a workout that I loved and a community I looked forward to seeing, I don’t think I would have been able to push through those really tough moments in the first trimester. Between all the exhaustion and nausea, it was REALLY difficult to get up in the morning and get motivated. Now, at 23 weeks, I am starting to cut back to about four days a week, 90 minutes per day. I absolutely love interval training: short bouts of cardio and strength at whatever pace I am feeling capable of that day. And I try to do five to ten minutes of pelvic floor/diaphragmatic breathing exercises on a daily basis as well as a moving meditation twice a week on my days off.

Food evolution: I have to make sure to eat before working out so that my body has the fuel it needs to perform and not draw from my reserves, which I need to create this tiny being! Fueling up post-workout has also become much more important to me, now that I know I am eating for two.

How being fit helped: Just walking into the studio and catching up with the women I love helped that “pregnant brain fog” disappear and re-focus my intentions for the day. My job really taught me how important exercising during pregnancy is and how transformative it can be during those really hard moments.

Biggest surprise: How early I could feel the hormone, relaxin, starting to kick in. It relaxes all the ligaments in your body, so your joints are not as well supported. I noticed that I needed to be very aware of how I was moving through space to properly support my neck and spine, instead of riding high on those endorphins and pushing myself too hard.

Top tip: Exercise is incredibly important to help women with some of those more challenging moments and to feel healthy and strong. So even if you don’t feel 100 percent, try to commit to moving for just 15 minutes—putting on that workout jam you love, getting yourself into a nice deep stretch, connecting to your body, going for a long walk with friends…try to stay active. You may be surprised at how much better you feel.

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