AKT Senior Trainer, Sasha, takes us behind the scenes at the “Like a Kloss” event

I am so excited to share the details about my awesome afternoon I had last Sunday with Karlie Kloss and a group of 25 fans, editors, and bloggers with a passion for health and wellness.


Where (It was hosted): NYC33, a trendy warehouse space in midtown Manhattan.

Who (Attended): A combined group of 25 editors, bloggers, Karlie’s fans, and wellness gurus.

What (Is “Like a Kloss”): The attendees received the model treatment and were made camera-ready for a photoshoot with Karlie; Hair and makeup done and outfitted and styled by Adidas Women and Six02Style.


Why: (Here’s where AKT (me!) come in) If you want to live like a Kloss, you must be ready to SWEAT like a Kloss. Karlie is a brand representative for Adidas Women which means tons of photoshoots, many of which involve working out. I had the amazing opportunity to direct Karlie’s workout for her last shoot. If you follow me on insta (@shassay_sasha) you will see that Karlie’s moves resembled our real-life workouts at AKT. Karlie and I go HARD in our sessions, so these girls were in for a good sweat.


I was swagged up by Adidas and Six02Style when I arrived. I taught a 45 minute AKT SweatDream class. We also had an impromptu hip-hop dance party taught by me and some of the fabulous dancers in the crowd! Post-workout, the girls had their hair and makeup touched-up, and then we all refueled with some healthy snacks. The evening ended with a Q&A with Karlie and a toast to an awesome day!


I challenge you to join me at one of AKT’s studios and try Karlie’s workout. Sign up for one of my SweatDream classes. I’ll be waiting for you under the disco ball!

Quick Tip: If you can’t make it into the studio, try AKT On Demand, our streaming workout platform. It’s available on all devices and in-app!

If you want to see what I am up to, follow me on Instagram @shassay_sasha

Wishing you peace, love, and sweat!

Sasha Lynn

Senior Trainer at AKT in Motion


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