4 Helpful Tips For AKT Newbies From AKT Master Trainer, Samantha Goltz


The one thing a new client ALWAYS says to me is that they cannot dance! Stepping in to your first workout dance class can be extremely overwhelming and sometimes scary. But no need to worry! Everyone will have had to eventually gone through their very first class at some point so you are definitely not alone! No matter what your dance experience has been in the past, I can guarantee you will leave AKT feeling like Beyoncé’s back up dancer! Here are just a few tips for you for your first ever AKT class!

1. Stand somewhere you can see the instructor.


Walking in to a packed class can feel very hectic. Try to find a spot in the room where the instructor is visible through the mirror. I usually suggest somewhere in the center of the room, this way you’re not trying to look side to side and over other clients trying to figure out the next move!

2. Feet first!


Trying to do 12 things at once can be very challenging especially if you have never done them before! I always suggest trying to get the foot work down first before adding any arms.   The more classes you take and begin to learn our dance vocabulary the easier it will get! Once the feet are set then you can make it harder by adding the arm choreography. Sometimes it can feel like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time, but like they always say “practice makes perfect!”

3. Don’t think too much!

Sometimes it’s extremely hard to get out of our own heads. We’re always worried about whose watching us, what we’re going to have for dinner, or what we forgot to do at work. The most important thing to remember is that this is the one hour of the day that is completely for YOU.   If you can zone out the world around you and focus all of your energy in to the class at hand I can guarantee you will be able to pick up the moves a bit easier. The second our mind begins to wander so do our feet!

4. Just have fun!

AKT is all about having fun while getting a killer workout in at the same time. The greatest feeling is leaving a class with the biggest smile on your face and a shirt soaked with sweat. If there is a step you are struggling with, forget about it! We focus on one dance for 2 weeks, this way you have plenty of time to come back and perfect the choreography. As long as you’re having fun and moving along with the group you’re one step closer to accomplishing your dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Smile, move, sweat, and just let loose!

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