#AKTouchdownChallenge: Make Your Goals & Hit Them

Work out for the chance to score big prizes in our Super Bowl challenge!

Starts in Studio January 5


WHAT:  For the month leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, challenge yourself by winning boxes on our AKTouchdown board. You could score some awesome prizes! We will be announcing the winners LIVE on Facebook at the end of each quarter, during the Super Bowl.

RULES OF PLAY:  Between 1/5/17 to 2/5/17 (Super Bowl Sunday), complete 1 or all 5 of the challenges below to win a box! Notify reception  (AKA your AKT Referee) each time you complete a challenge. They will check the “AKT Playbook” and make the “call.” If the call is in your favor, they will award you a box and write your name in one of the empty pink squares. There are now 5 ways for you to score a box:

  1. Refer 3 NEW clients to AKT
  2. Take a minimum of one (1) AKT classes three (3) days in a row (Members must take a minimum of 4 classes over 3 days) to win a box
  3. Super Bowl Sunday Feb.5: Schedule and complete one of our 75 min AKT Super Bowl Sunday DoubleDown classes (UES & NoMad at 1pm)
  4. Schedule a Complimentary Program Design (1 box) *NEW
  5. Buy an AKT Membership or sign up for AKTransform (2 boxes) *NEW

**Notes: Maximum of 5 boxes per person. Boxes can only be filled out at ONE (1) AKT studio, classes/referrals at all locations count towards the challenge. 

HOW TO WIN: Your AKT Refs will randomly assign numbers (0-9) to the top row and column (representing the two NFL Teams). At the end of each quarter, if you own the box that corresponds to the last digits of the score, by team, you’ll win one of these awesome prizes!


  1. Final Score : AKT gift box + Private or Semi-Private session (up to 4 people)
  2. Halftime: 5 pack of classes or $50 on account
  3. 3rd Quarter : AKT Hoodie + 2 free classes (or $20 on account)
  4. 1st Quarter: AKT Disco Ball Hoodie + 1 free class (or $10 on account)


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