Insider’s Guide to AKTransformation and Q&A with Anna Kaiser

Friday, March 3rd  I  NoMad Studio, 5-6pm

Need some guidance on how to reach your health & wellness goals? Looking to take your workout to the next level? Interested in a personalized program to help get you RESULTS? Then is session is for you! Hosted by the program’s creator and AKT CEO & Founder Anna Kaiser, An Insider’s Guide to AKTransform is a 60 minute deep dive into the methodology behind our signature 8-week health and wellness revolution. Anna will breakdown AKTransform to it’s core giving you an insider ‘s view into how each piece — from the class structure to workout combinations and modifications to what to eat and when-plays an essential role in your body’s transformation. 

***Please come fitted in workout attire and prepared with questions, so Anna can tailor this session specifically to your experience, and answer those burning questions you have about our signature AKTransformation program. 

Spots are extremely limited so make sure to sign up now!

BONUS: Score some BIG AKT BUCKS if you sign up for our signature AKTransformation Program after attending this session!

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