Anna Kaiser 5-Day NYC Intensive

NoMad: March 27-31
8:15-9:15am Daily*
AKT Founder, Anna Kaiser, is back in action and ready to help you keep those #goals in check. Experience the AKTechnique first hand and get the inside scoop on how to get the most from your body during our workouts. Anna also answers your questions and shares her secrets related to nutrition, sleep, and finding balance. Includes a Program Design Consult with an AKTrainer to curate your personalized AKT workout plan.The Intensive:

Master classes taught by Anna
30 min Q&A w/Anna
15 min Program Consultation w/Trainer Concierge
The Schedule:
Monday – Sweat Dream
Tuesday – 4Play
Wednesday – Happy Hour
Thursday – AKTone
Friday – AKT Mixer
Group Q&A:
NoMad: Friday, March 31st at 9:15am
*This special AKT Intensive is limited to 30 people. 

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