Anna Kaiser’s 10 Day Detox Plan for Spring 2017

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Is the mere mention of “bikini season” throwing you in a mild panic? Same; we haven’t been to the gym in um…a minute and haven’t exactly been eating clean. It’s time to shed our winter coats – literally and figuratively. We called upon trainer to the stars, Anna Kaiser of AKT InMotion – who trains the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa and Sofia Vergara – to give us a guide for a ten day detox plan that is actually feasible. Scroll down to see her full guidelines; because if they’re good enough for SJP, they’re good enough for us…..

Day 1: Cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates. It’s only ten days, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel! More energy, decreased inflammation, and all the weight loss benefits. If you make it past ten days, even better.

Day 2: Start bumping up the cardio to shed some extra pounds in the next week and give your body that gorgeous bikini tone. Even if you’re traveling, there is no excuse not to get a killer workout in with AKTread. Plus, you’ll have a blast trying all the crazy new moves you never thought would be possible on a treadmill.

Day 3: Bikini Booty Workout! Start working those gluts now and you’ll feel tighter in those itty bitty jean shorts in a week. Try this workout on your lunch break…

Day 4: Get a massage post work to help you relax, recover, and get a good night’s sleep. Getting your zzzz’s is essential for weightloss, keeping stress in check, and to help your muscles recover so you can kick up the intensity of your workout without overdoing it. After the massage, try drinking 2-4oz of tart cherry juice before bed to help you snooze.

Day 5: Okay, now that you’re rested, it’s time to challenge your core with an intense ten minute workout. Remember, your core includes your back and spine as well. Your limbs are all an extension of your core, so it’s important to keep it strong and ready for anything. Plus, toned abs always look good in a bikini.

Day 6: Replace your afternoon coffee/chocolate with as much iced green tea (opt: stevia sweetener) as you’d like. It will help decrease the dreaded bloat, bump up your metabolism naturally, stave off hunger, and keep you from feeling super hungry (blood sugar drops) around 7pm.

Day 7: Switch up your workout! If you are used to working out in the morning, try doing it in the evening before dinner, or vice versa. This will help challenge your body at a time it’s not used to working out and rev up your results. If you’re a die hard, go for a double today!

Day 8: Get a gorgeous glow. I love trying new organic self tanners and recently have found Chocolate Sun (derived from sugar beets) to last without streaking. Plus, it smells like chocolate!

Day 9: Challenge yourself with an intense one hour workout that will push you past your plateaus and kick your body into fat burning mode! My favorite? My Happy Hour DVD that will give you a crazy full body burn and blast those last minute calories!

Day 10: Eat only pure, lean protein today, drink at least three liters of water, and try this upper body workout to tighten those gorgeous lean arms before baring your favorite tube top tomorrow!

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