7 Moves to Get Your Best Pregnancy Body, Ever


So, you think you can’t workout when you’re pregnant? You thought wrong! In fact, there are ample reasons to get moving while you’re pregnant, aside from the baller Instagram photo you’ll get to post later. To put it simply, you’ll have an easier pregnancy.

But what kind of workout should you do? Trainer to the stars Anna Kaiser, of AKT (and a new mom herself!) demonstrated some moves while she was in the middle of her very own pregnancy. Consider her #goals…until you follow along and do them, too. Then it’s more like #reality.

You’ll need a resistance band, a 5-to-8 pound dumbbell, and a small exercise ball.

1. Side to Side Squats


Holding a 5-to-8 pound dumbbell, start in a standing position. Step out the right and lower into a squat with your knees and toes turned out. Bring your feet together and step out to the other side. Continue alternating for 60 seconds. After resting, repeat twice.

2. Curtsy Lunge and Lift


Holding a dumbbell in each hand, step right leg behind your left, bending knees slightly as if you were curtsying. Lift your arms overhead in a V shape, then lower down. That’s one rep. Repeat 15 times, then repeat on the other leg. After resting, do 12 reps on each side. Finish with a set of 10 reps on each side.

3. Side to Side Hops With Kick


From chair position, knees bent, butt back, hop to the left, landing on one foot. Bring right foot to meet left, then hop again. Hop 8 times to one side, then repeat on the other side. After resting, jump 4 times to each side, then finish with 2 jumps on each side.

4. Lateral Leg Raise and Overhead Press


Hold onto each end of a lightweight resistant band and step on it with both feet, keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Press one leg out the side and then press the opposite hand overhead. That’s one rep. Repeat 15 times on each side. After resting, repeat 10 times on each side. Then repeat 8 times on each side.

5. C Curve Extensions


While in a seated position, knees bent and heels on the floor, place a small exercise ball at the base of your spine. Hold the back of your knees to stabilize, then lift and extend your right left. Return to start and repeat on the other side. Continue alternating for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat two more times.

6. Tabletop Arm & Leg Lifts


From a table top position, lift right leg off the floor, kicking the heel toward the wall behind you without arching your back. Return to start, then repeat on the other side. Do 20 reps on each side. Then do 15 reps on each side. Finish with 15 reps on each side.

7. Seated Lateral Lifts


Start in a seated position, legs extended straight in front of you with a resistance band around your ankles. Lift one heel and press your leg out to the side. Bring it back to center, then repeat on the other side. That’s one rep. Do that 10 times on each side. Repeat twice.


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