Karlie Kloss’ Trainer Says You Should Definitely Pick Sleep Over the Gym – Sometimes


Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Hit snooze on your alarm clock.

Anna Kaisertrainer for Karlie KlossShakiraKelly Ripa and more, tells New York Magazine‘s The Cut that a good night’s sleep is just as crucial as gym sessions.

“I don’t think anyone understands how important it is,” Kaiser says of being well-rested. “If you have a choice where you’ve only been sleeping five or six hours and can sleep an extra hour or work out, sleep an extra hour.”

She explains, “You’re running your body down, which will affect your energy and hold onto excess water and weight. It will make you hungrier.”

Kaiser, who is the CEO of AKT, says that seven to eight hours of sleep are crucial for wellness – not even limiting food or overexerting at the gym can counteract a restless night.

In general, health and wellness is dependent on “balancing” energy, lifestyle and nutrition, Kaiser shares. She operates on an “80/20 perspective,” meaning that 80 percent of the time she stays on track with her regimen, and 20 percent of the time Kaiser treats herself.

Also necessary? Ensuring you’re not working out too much, she asserts.

“You can tell if you feel like you are unable to recover from the workout you had,” she explains. “It’s still hard to breathe. You don’t have energy. You are sore instantly. You just can’t seem to get enough water. Then it’s too hard. I don’t think that anyone should be working out more than 60 to 90 minutes, four to five days a week.”

You’ve overdone it when you’re feeling extreme soreness and exhaustion, she explains.

Kaiser says, “Just because you aren’t sore doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard.”

To snooze or spin? Apparently, snooze is the answer.

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