There’s No Need to Sweat Wedding Workouts

When my fiancé and I got engaged in April of last year, I knew that I wanted to find a bridal boot camp of sorts to get in shape for our wedding. We had recently moved to the Upper East Side and AKT’s studio was in my neighborhood, so I thought that I would try out some in-studio classes. I had done about two weeks worth of classes when I found out about AKT’s Transformation Program. I decided to start the program in anticipation of my June 2017 wedding date.
While at the studio, I learned about the AKT On-Demand Program and decided to switch to doing at-home workouts. I did 10-weeks of On-Demand.  Jonathan helped me stay on track by providing me with a suggested class schedule. He also encouraged me to meet with with Safia, AKT’s in-house nutritionist, and I did so. She recommended that I do her 30-day nutrition assessment, which nicely coincided with the start of my Transformation journey. Bottom line: I did not go into Transformation cold. I had worked out at least three days a week On-Demand and had changed my eating habits before starting the eight-week program. My fiancé even joined in on a couple of the On-Demand Sweat Dream classes with Ariel. It was so much fun working out together. My fiancé and I were even lucky enough to take an in-studio, semi-private Sweat Dream class with Ariel herself. It felt like we already knew her, having worked out with her many times through the On-Demand app. She gave us an amazing workout and even helped me achieve my fitness goal of box jumping.
I was so excited to be assigned Jonathan as my Transformation trainer. He created a new class schedule for me, starting me at four classes a week and then bumping it up to five by the end of the Program. It was hard. I fell, I was sore, and I didn’t think that I could motivate myself to work as hard as the classes required, but I had an army of trainers cheering me on: from Michelle in Happy Hour, to Megan in Tone, to J Hall in 4Play, and Ariel in Sweat Dream. They all helped me push past my limits.
We want every bride to feel supported and ready for her Big Day like Melanie. Join AKTransform On Demand and get the results you never thought were possible. Use code: AKTBRIDE2BE to receive $50 off our 8-week online program.

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